I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to update you on our fabulous weekend! It was quite a time, celebrating:

  • Laura’s Birthday
  • Baby Showers (plural!) - YES we had TWO baby showers and a birthday party- all in 24 hours!
  • Laura passed her boards
  • Laura’s Bon Voyage to Africa
  • Family in town to help us prepare for our little guy

And now – what you’ve all been waiting for – Pictures!

First, Baby Shower Part I – hosted by girls at my office.

Baby Shower 029 Baby Shower 041_edited Baby Shower 043_edited IMG_0175

We had such a good time with the girls I work with and got some really great things for the baby.

We got home in time to catch up with the boys for a birthday party!

Baby Shower 051 Baby Shower 058 Baby Shower 068_edited Baby Shower 073 Baby Shower 069_edited Baby Shower 105_edited Baby Shower 110_edited

Mom made an executive decision that the sparklers were an “outdoor activity” from now on — we almost set the table on fire… But we helped Laura ring in ’24’ in style.

And Saturday, the rest of the fam arrived for Baby Shower Part II — hosted by Nancy and Autumn who are both coworkers of Jeff’s and friends of mine! We had delicious cupcakes compliments of the talented Autumn Parker, and had a great day visiting with friends and family at Nancy’s house. The girls tried to get “Jeff stories” out of his family – but they weren’t budging! And I got to open some really beautiful things for the baby – he’s all set. :)

Sarah's_Baby_Shower_002 Sarah's_Baby_Shower_005 47b8da35b3127cceb7c225af37ec00000016102CYtmTNw1ZW 47b8da35b3127cceb7c225acb6df00000016102CYtmTNw1ZW 47b8da35b3127cceb7c225aab6d900000016102CYtmTNw1ZW 47b8da35b3127cceb7c225a8b6db00000016102CYtmTNw1ZW  

MANY more pictures in the photo album dubbed “Baby Shower” – click the “photos” then “albums” link along the top of this page.

The weekend was a whirlwind and thoroughly wore us both out — well all 3 of us! — but I wouldn’t have changed a minute of it. Sunday afternoon we just sat and stared at each other and tried to soak in all the quiet!

Laura was fairly successful in spreading the baby’s name as “Bump” — it seems to have caught on! I feel so lucky that our little family is surrounded by such loving friends and family and that they are as excited to meet the little guy as we are.

I went to my 32 week appointment yesterday and everything is still on track – due 11 June. We are getting so excited. Mom and Dad are coming back in May, and bringing furniture for the baby’s room — I hope they get here before the baby does! 


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  1. I think that picture of you, Laura, and I is my new favorite!

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