…that does not belong to me.

A coworker of mine talked tricked me into watching her little boy, John Michael, for 30 minutes this afternoon.  So I had a playdate. And we played tic-tac-toe… on a grid of approximately 20 squares… with Ds and “Balloons” instead of Xs and Os…

When he was thirsty, he had to ”settle for” water because I couldn’t manage to come up with some chocolate milk. And he (unsuccessfully) tried to teach me to dance on one foot.

John Michael 001 John Michael 002

He just left. I am exhausted. Is that a bad sign?


3 thoughts on “I have a 4 year old at my desk…

  1. So who won tic-tac-toe???

  2. When Bump starts crawling, get him a really huge hamster ball and let him have at it while you take a nap.

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