According to my books – and my weekly email update from – today is 28 weeks and officially the 3rd trimester! The weeks seem to be flying by – it’s crazy. Exciting, yes. But all the 3rd trimester really means is that I can’t tie my own shoes anymore…


Nah, I’m excited. In fact, I get more and more excited every week. And Mom and Laura and all the Hood (and Teed!) girls are coming to visit in a few weeks – and I can’t wait. We went to our first class at the clinic last night – Infant/Child CPR. It kinda freaked me out. It was a lot harder to deal with than I anticipated.  And then this morning there was a segment on Today about household cleaners, etc. being poison for children – and how bottles of Pine Sol and Downy look like Kool-Aid and orange juice and other things irresistible to children. Ahh! Bump is never going to make it past 2!


We were out with some friends last Friday and discussing the movie Idiocracy – about a sociological experiment gone horribly wrong, resulting in morons reproducing at a faster rate than intelligent people and eventually outnumbering them – and I’ve decided that Jeff and I should be getting paid to have a baby. Between us we have 4 college degrees, 2 steady jobs, 0 prior convictions/bankruptcies/mental health problems – the government should be begging us to produce offspring! I’ve read that educated people are waiting longer and longer in life to have children – if at all – and having fewer of them. And less educated people are more likely to have more children and have them earlier. Those are (probably offensive) generalizations of course – but think of the possibilities!


Nonetheless, it is approximately 84 days until we get to meet Bump.  And, according to my email update, he weighs 2.25 pounds and is 14.8 inches tall – or approximately the size of a “Chinese Cabbage”!


3 thoughts on “Countdown.

  1. hey!  WHAT?  i feel like such a dummy.  happy late congratulations.  :)  un petit chou of your very own! 

  2. Aww- our little cabbage!  And don’t worry- if I could make it past 2, Bump will do just fine…   Just don’t let me be the one to teach him to walk.

  3. Him is not a cabbage. Him is Bump!

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