For those of you playing the “Guess the Baby’s Name” game…

Here are a few you can cross off your list–

10 Worst Baby Names of 2007

What were these parents thinking?

The Nest Baby Editors

People like to get creative when it comes to selecting the perfect name for their new arrivals. But in the quest to be unique, some kids get stuck with monikers that do more than make them stand out in a crowd. Here’s The Nest Baby’s picks for the most questionable choices from the past year.

Ptolemy: The only other one we know of is an ancient Greek astronomer, mathematician, and man extraordinaire. Actress Gretchen Mol reached a little too far back in history for this Mediterranean-inspired choice. No one will be able to pronounce it, and what happens when the kid studies his namesake in school?

Ashby: If a name’s going to start with “Ash” and end in a “y”, there’s just no question — the middle’s got to be “le.” If you must mess with Ashley -– or any common name, for that matter –  please pick something that doesn’t sound like a mispronunciation of the real thing. Come kindergarten, Nancy O’Dell’s daughter is going to have a lot of correcting to do.

E-: E…what? You’d think if you had to name your kid after a letter, Jay would be much better than this one, which was selected by parents in Washington. And while we’re (grudgingly) willing to accept the use of apostrophes in baby names, we can’t say the same for the hyphen. At least not when there isn’t any more name to follow it.

Story: Actress Jenna Elfman’s pick. It just doesn’t make sense and certainly won’t start a literary trend. Article, Essay, or Narrative, anyone? Every baby has a tale to tell, just not this way.

Ever: This is an adverb, not even an adjective or a noun, which do okay as names if you’re in a pinch. It’s going to get confusing when actress mom Milla Jovovich scolds the kid, “Ever, don’t ever do that again!”

Heaven Rain: The only good news here: Brooke Burke’s two older daughters are named Neriah and Sierra Sky. Though little Heaven’s got a pretty lofty title to live up to, she’ll fit right in at home.

Alabama: The trend of naming kids after locations obviously appealed to actress Drea De Matteo, but she’s not even from the Southern state. We do hope she’s going to be called Allie for short and turns out to be good at geography.

Princess: Every little girl is a princess to her parents, but it’s a secret nickname. It’s also a good name for a little fluffy white dog. Prince pulls off the male version because he’s a rock star, but this baby, daughter of model Jordan, is set to be spoiled. (Don’t get us started on Tiaamii, her middle name,…)

Evan: Don’t go ballistic: Evan is a great name…for a boy. We know many wonderful Evans. But in this case, Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder bestowed it on his baby girl. Sorry, it’s so not unisex.

Superman: No explanation necessary for why this New Zealand name made the list, but how about the story behind it? The parents’ first choice was 4Real (as in, “when we saw him on the ultrasound, we realized he was for real”), but government officials didn’t go for it. Mom and dad settled on Superman but insist they’ll still refer to him as 4Real. Way to get the last word in.

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4 thoughts on “For those of you playing the “Guess the Baby’s Name” game…

  1. Ok- yes, I think most of those are ridiculous.  But Story?  I kinda like that one! 

  2. What about “Bump”?  Certainly that will make the TOP TEN!!! 

    I know a family here in San Antonio who gave their Son the middle name of Tarzan.  Poor little fella.  He’s now in high school and I don’t think too terribly affected by it. 

  3. Nancy told me there’s a kid at the UA named Ray Zorback Can’t-Remember-His-Last-Name. Now THAT’S a fan! It’s kinda like the poor kids I saw on a segment a while back named Espn…

  4. Superman does speak for itself - that’s an awesome name!  That’s what Carter would be called today but Jessica said something about shooting me that time I brought it up. 

    Looking forward to your folks arriving on Thursday.  Wish all of you were visiting. 

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