It’s been a slow news week. Here’s a sampling of NW Arkansas grammar for your entertainment –

Easter 08 005


 Sign welcoming patrons into Tony C’s (formerly Fuzzy’s) on Garland in Fayetteville.










Easter 08 018


 This one is perhaps the saddest. This was hanging in the window of the hair salon at the front of the Pleasant Grove Wal-Mart in Rogers.






gas pump 004



 SO close! This greeted us at a gas pump at Harp’s on Wedington in Fayetteville.






gas pump 001


 And just for fun… this goose tried to attack me in the P&G parking lot this week. To be fair, he was minding his own business and only got angry when I got close and took his picture.




2 thoughts on “Happy Friday.

  1. I really do like your photography

  2. Where the heck did that goose come from??  Random…

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