You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Not having been born in Arkansas – but claiming it (when appropriate and convenient) as home as I have graduated both high school and college here and lived here almost 17 years – I have almost as much pride in this state as those crazy people in Texas. But that’s a losing battle.

Seriously though, Arkansas is constantly overlooked on the national scene. We are written-off as hillbillies with no teeth and our former governor is ridiculed for living in a triple-wide trailer on the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion while renovations were taking place inside the house. Come on. When that kind of story makes it to Jay Leno – you’re done for.

But Mike Huckabee has persevered. Not a trailblazer, of course, as there has somehow already been a US President from this lowly state — but a brave soul nonetheless. He may not win the nomination and he may or may not run as VP, but I’m proud of him for the progress he’s made.

Without revealing my personal political views or voicing my endorsement — I have this to say from one Arkansan to another: Well Done, Mike Huckabee.

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