Sarah, Sarah, bo-barah. Banana-fana fo-farah. Fee-fi-mo-marah. Sarah!

Lately, I have paid a lot more attention to people’s names. I think it’s fascinating just how much a name can predetermine your fate in life. For example, do you know any Supreme Court Justices named Britney or Joaquin? Do you know any pop stars named Wilbur? How about school teachers named Juice?

Once it was determined that our baby is, indeed, a boy – most people then want to know if we have a name picked out. Truth be told, we had both a girl name and a boy name picked out since about day 6 of the pregnancy – and we really never found anything we like better. There was no great debate, no “compromising” and no internet ”baby name finder tool” employed. I feel for the couples that argue until the last second and, instead of making a decision, give their baby 5 names that will never get used and will only make filling out forms difficult…

However unpopular it is with some, we have decided to keep the baby’s name a secret until June. (Actually- and this may come as a shock – I am the one who doesn’t want to tell his name – not Jeff.) I want it to be a fun surprise. You can go ahead and rule out Robin – for obvious reasons. Though I do think it would be great to name a baby girl Scarlet and see how many people get it. :)

4 thoughts on “Sarah, Sarah, bo-barah. Banana-fana fo-farah. Fee-fi-mo-marah. Sarah!

  1. Scarlet Hood? I don’t get it.

  2. Yeah- I love the name Scarlet, but also don’t get it.

    I don’t care what you name him.  I’ll call him “Bump” until he’s at least 30.

  3. glad i’m not the only one that doesn’t get scarlet hood…..unless it is some play on little red riding hood.  but that is a serious stretch.  :)

  4. But…..what “if” I was to embroider his name, or even his initials, on something absolutely adorable!  What would I embroider?

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