So my friend Ross was in town this week, and she and I went to dinner last night. After dinner we both ran by Wal-Mart on the way home only to discover that Wal-Mart has (once again) been taken over by ugly and useless Valentine’s Day paraphernalia. On our way to the shampoo/hairspray aisle we were distracted by a (HUGE) bin of stuffed animals in various shades of red/pink/etc — gems like a tiny gorilla with “Don’t Monkey with my Heart” stitched across his chest and floppy-eared dogs reading “Puppy Love”. Clever.

One particular piece that caught my eye is below:

Islander In-store 017

We stood for several minutes debating whether or not this should probably read “I love you this much!” We had a good laugh and decided that the people in China that make such ridiculous knick-knacks are obviously not big on grammar and “it’s the thought that counts” anyway, right?

So we keep shopping – looking for the office supply department (which is now in the back corner of the store, since the redesign) – and we pass yet another shelf of Vday crap. This time, however, we are greeted by this:

Islander In-store 018

Same dog, but bigger (longer?).

Ok. A couple things. Clearly the same company produced these two dogs. Did they really create two different templates for embroidering these stupid things? Was it a space issue? The longer dog has enough space for a complete sentence? Sigh.

2 thoughts on “For the love of…

  1. hahaha I think that’s funny. The smaller dog does seem like a typo…

    I would have bought it just for laughs.

    but I’m a sucker like that.

  2. The first one just leaves it open for your own interpretation…

    I love SUSHI this much!

    I love SLEEP this much!

    I love MY SISTERS this much!

    I love BUMP this much!  :)

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