If you’re in the market for a PB&J – you’re in luck!

I’m a little disappointed that my cleverness was unappreciated in my last post…

So we were at Sam’s last night eating supper. From Sam’s Cafe you can see most of the store and I happened to glance over to several aisles on the far side of the store. 

Sam's 006 Sam's 005 Sam's 007  

Nothing exciting, right? But one in particular caught my eye.

Sam's 004  

Now, I’m not one to complain if Sam’s Club finds it appropriate to devote an entire aisle to the heavenly goodness that is Peanut Butter. But I thought it was a little out of place. The other aisles were much broader categories like “Breakfast” and “Candy” and “Baking/Spices”. Then— “Peanut Butter”. So I decided to check it out – and see what vast array of peanut butter Sam’s Club must carry.

I turned down the aisle and didn’t immediately see any peanut butter – very disappointing. So I kept walking. No peanut butter. I was beginning to think Aisle 19 was a complete scam when I came to the very end of the aisle and saw this.

Sam's 001

And that’s all folks. Two sad, half-empty pallets of Jif. The photo above warranted its own aisle indicator. Other products in the “Peanut Butter” aisle included coffee (mind you that Aisle 18 – above – is labeled “Coffee”), creamers, sweeteners, jelly, honey, maple syrup, and various other “condiments”. Perhaps “What Not” would have been a better name for this aisle.  

One thought on “If you’re in the market for a PB&J – you’re in luck!

  1. This made me laugh out loud…  I’ve learned that Sams & CostCo are too big for their own good.  There’s way too much opportunity to get into trouble while shopping.

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