Holidays are usually the times that make me thank myself for keeping a blog. I absolutely love looking back and reading what I was doing on this date a year ago ? or two years ago. I love the photos, I love the comments, and I love that I have this written (though public) record of my thoughts and rants for the last (almost) 3 years.


For whatever reason, I didn?t sit down on 1 January this year to write my ?Reflection of the Past Year? post. But, much like 2005 and 2006?2007 was a memorable one. I had 1-year anniversaries with both Jeff and my job at Saatchi, was selected for Jury Duty, switched from the Baby business to the Pet Food business at work (ironically), started back to school to finish my Accounting degree, turned the big 2-5, buried my big brother, and got to tell my parents that God had decided it is high time they become Grandparents.


         Xmas 2007 079_edited  

We waited to share our news for a variety of reasons ? but June 11 is getting closer and closer all the time. The doctor says everything is great and we will be welcoming a baby boy in a few short months.


Hope your Valentine's Day was a good one. I got flowers today from my sweet husband and we are looking forward to being a party of 3 this time next year! I'm already looking forward to writing my "Reflections of 2008" post!

One thought on “Happy Valentine?s Day.

  1. The truth finally comes out! I’m so excited for the Hoods. Congratulations! Oh, and your parents look great in their shirts!


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