Laura is always insanely jealous when it snows here – which should only get worse when she moves to Africa…. and I have pictures!

We ventured out for our annual Family Picture in the Snow – and had to take several before we got it right. Apparently, I’m not a good leaner. I tried to crop the pictures so my lack-of-leaning-skills are not as obvious…

 Snow Day 2008 001_edited Snow Day 2008 008_edited

Josh came over last night after supper and we were looking through some photos. He got upset that “we hang out all the time and there are NO pictures of it!” So we all got dressed and ventured BACK into the snow for a photo shoot with Josh.

Snow Day 2008 009_edited Snow Day 2008 011_edited Snow Day 2008 012_edited

So there ya go. Pictures of Josh. And the boys put me in the middle so I wouldn’t have to lean…



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