This morning I was quite hungry and we are out of both Poptarts AND Granola Bars at home – so I decided to stop through Chick-fil-A on my way to work. It’s strategically placed between home and my office – and really between anywhere and my office – so it is easily my most favorite quick breakfast/lunch.


Well today, I drove around like I have a hundred times before and ordered my Chicken/Egg/Cheese biscuit, fruit cup and chocolate milk with no problem. As I pulled around to the window, the girl inside leaned out and instead of handing me my food she rang the little white (and VERY loud) bell in my face!! Hoorah! I was the 100th customer!! Despite the loyalty I have to this place – I have NEVER been the 100th customer. For those of you who aren’t Chick-fil-A fans – every 100th customer eats for free. It has happened a dozen times while we were eating in the dining room – but never to me! So I decided today would be a good day and I drove to work.


Upon arriving at work, I settled in at my desk and unpacked my bag of breakfast as I babbled on and on to my cube-neighbor, Nicholas, about my recent good fortune. He is also a fan of Chick-fil-A and has also never been the 100th customer. After going on about how much I love the place, I reached inside the bag to find yet another surprise. Not only did I get free breakfast – I got additional breakfast! There were two wrapped biscuits in there! Nicholas overheard my surprise and I gladly offered him my extra biscuit. Could this day get any better?!


I had just turned back to my monitor and started sifting through email when Nicholas called me over and asked what I thought I had ordered. He was sitting at his desk staring at a wrapper containing a biscuit with egg and cheese – no chicken. What? I went back to my desk and opened mine. Egg. Cheese. No chicken! What the hell? After I had just babbled my head off about the great and powerful Chick-fil-A – of all things, no chicken?


So I finished my fruit cup and chocolate milk – and grudgingly ate my egg on a bun. And tried to remember that it was all free…

2 thoughts on “I want to have my chicken ? and eat it, too.

  1. I think the Chick-Fil-A cows would have been disappointed. 

  2. Meat’s no treat for those you eat!   :)

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