I promised to regale you with tales of my weekend in Dallas for Devon’s birthday – and I shall not disappoint. I drove to Little Rock to meet up with Devon and Niki and continued on to Dallas to stay with Andrew. Andrew lives in the cutest little apartment near downtown – and we all piled in with he and his dog Toby for a few days.

We got to Dallas around lunch time on Saturday and headed to the aquarium/zoo/terrarium.  It brought back memories of our NWA adventures at the Gentry Safari

One of our favorite moments was when we encountered this sloth.

George Strait 08 071 George Strait 08 070 George Strait 08 069

Devon was trying her best to look “sloth-like” while posing with the sloth. Until the sloth’s handler (nametag reading “Sloth Whisperer”) came to rescue the sloth and take him away for a break… from being a sloth…

George Strait 08 076


Andrew posing with the flamingos.








In the Shark Tunnel:

George Strait 08 079_edited George Strait 08 077_edited

That night we met up with Devon’s cousin and his wife at the Bavarian Grill – which I highly recommend to anyone traveling to/thru Dallas. I ate something called Rahm Schnitzel for dinner and we had a sampler of various “wursts”. It was awesome.

George Strait 08 085_edited


There was a little man serenading us with an accordion.





George Strait 08 086_edited

And since it was Devon’s birthday weekend – our waitress played “Happy Birthday” with different-toned bells. It was quite the experience.




The night of the Rahm Schnitzel, we went out to The Round Up for a drink and wouldn’t you know it – I ran into someone I know from Fayetteville. Oddly enough, this was only the second time I’d been to The Round Up and BOTH times I’ve run into people I know… And even MORE ironic, is that the person I saw this weekend was WITH ME when I was last in Dallas at that bar. Weird…

On my way home – I managed to snap a photo of this sign on the side of the road just outside Conway.

George Strait 08 099 George Strait 08 099_edited








In other news – today was my 2 year anniversary at Saatchi & Saatchi X. Yah!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Devon (and Keebler!)

  1. “taking a break … from being a sloth.” I know how the little guy feels.

  2. I’m so sad I couldn’t come!!  Definitely next time…

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