Oh my gosh! I completely neglected to recount my weekend for you! And it’s not because it wasn’t a blast — when, in fact, it was so much fun.

Mom and Laura drove up from SA and met us (Becky, Jeff, Sarah) in LR on Friday night. Laura couldn’t see – due to Lasek surgery that morning – which we all garnished a little too much entertainment from over the course of the weekend. Saturday we knocked around town doing some shopping and we met up with Devon and family for lunch at The Purple Cow. After that we got some rest before we made our way to Alltel Arena to see King George!


Mom and Dad got tickets for the rest of us for Christmas – and though Jeff and Mom had both seen him before – I hadn’t! I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’m probably among a very few people who wanted to hear “Baby Blue” that night — but he did sing “Amarillo By Morning”, “The Chair”, “The Cowboy Rides Away”, and “Ocean Front Property” and gave an amazing concert. None of us really cared for his opening acts — Sarah Johns and Little Big Town, but I appreciate him giving the little people a chance.

Sunday morning we all trekked to Fayetteville to gear up for the Hog game that afternoon. After we moved 11 times to that we were still near enough the court to see, yet far away from anyone standing up in front of Mom… we got to watch a fairly exciting game. The Hogs managed to win it in overtime – which seems to rarely happen in basketball – and considering Laura was half-blind – everyone had a good time.

Sadly, no pictures from this weekend. I have a few of George, but they did not turn out that well – so I’ll just let you feast your eyes on the one above.

Ross has been passive-aggressively heckling me from her blog about my sporadic posting, so I’ll try to step it up. I will be gone again this weekend with Devon and Andrew in Dallas so maybe I’ll have some fun stories/pics to share when I get back. Happy Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday January 16, 2008

  1. I would’ve definitely wanted to hear “Baby Blue” along with you!  That’s my favorite George song…

    It was a very fun weekend! 

  2. Okay, well, you heckle me every time I see you. So there. It’s only fair.

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