So during the “news” on the radio this morning, I heard that TV Guide has developed a list of the top 50 WORST Television shows of all time – and that The Jerry Springer Show is #1. Now. I’m not defending anyone here, and I’m not suggesting that Jerry Springer is not the worst TV show of all time, but seriously? Upon hearing this, my first thought was “What’s the criteria for this?” I don’t know exactly how long it’s been on – but I’m pretty sure it might be most of my lifetime. Surely the worst TV show of all time would have been canceled after a few episodes, maybe a few seasons. Surely longevity and popularity counts for something.  

Other popular/long-running TV shows to make the list include The Howard Stern Show, Barney and Friends, and Baywatch. To be fair, they are sprinkled amongst gems like The Brady Bunch Hour, Homeboys in Outer Space, and The Chevy Chase Show. So at least the list is thorough. AND it lists the network and longevity of the show. I counted several that literally only aired one episode…

After further reflection, I’m glad that a TV show being “good” or “bad” doesn’t rely solely on popularity — if for no other reason than I am grateful that movies are not judged on this same criteria. Can you imagine if we gave “Best Picture” oscars to movies like American Pie and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End? Or, God forbid, “Shrek 12” or “Spiderman 7?”

In other news, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings last night for supper — which we’ve done almost every Thursday for several months now that we discovered they have 50? boneless wings on Thursdays. BWW has countless issues with service, which – first of all - is a whole other rant, and second – is really easy to overlook on 50? boneless wing night. Anyway, if you’re a long-time reader/follower/fan of the blog you may remember an entry a while back about a rather embarassing incident involving me insulting a coworker of mine (at Outback) while out to lunch with my friend Leah. What was embarassing about it was that after we spent several minutes talking about this girl we both know – we got up to leave and noticed the booth behind us was filled with people I worked with at Outback… Open mouth. Insert foot.

So — I went several months (years?) without seeing this girl after she quit at Outback and I quit at Outback. But our paths have crossed again. She works at Buffalo Wild Wings. Life is so unfair. She has waited on us a few times and regardless of who waits on us – we see her nearly every time we’re in there. To punish me for being hateful, she has decided that she will pretend not to know who I am. She flat-out ignores my existence. I have smiled and waved at her countless times. She stares blankly. Not that I blame her….

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