Bad news: I didn’t get to attend a briss yesterday.

That’s right. My favorite Jewish couple called late last week (from the hospital!) to hire me to work a party for their fourth baby (the last time I saw them – in March – they had 3 little boys, all under the age of 4).  I got curious/suspicious and decided to research the briss ceremony — only to discover that it occurs when the baby is 8 days old. I did the math – and concluded that the party they were having MUST be a briss. They ended up not needing me because they discovered they were already paying for staff through their contract with the hotel…  how disappointing.

Some of you may remember my first experience with the Greismans during Purim last spring. I didn’t have any pictures then – but have since discovered that Dobi has posted photos on their site! Check them out along with my account of the day — it’s all there – the fire-juggling, the costumes, the food and decorations. Here’s one of me. I look terrified – and I certainly don’t remember this picture being taken…


Good news: Laura is going to Botswana!

Yah! Laura received her official invitation from the Peace Corps yesterday and I’m so proud of her.  She truly has a heart for service and the Peace Corps is lucky to have someone so selfless and devoted. Be thinking of her – now as she prepares to leave, and in April when she starts her next adventure - in Africa!


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  1. Why, thank you sister.  :) 

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