I’d rather see than be one.

So I watch a lot of ESPN. A lot. More than any girl should. (Especially now, during football season.) And I often surprise myself by how much information I retain. I find myself paying attention to games, scores, players, rankings — weird.

So Saturday morning we got up early to get ready to watch the Arkansas-Tennessee game (which did not go well and we have not discussed it since.) and College GameDay was on as always. Most of you have probably heard of this – they travel each Saturday to a different location where a big and/or significant game is being played and broadcast from the campus – with crazed fans in the background with signs and painted faces – the whole rodeo. About this time last year - in fact it was the Tennessee game here last season – GameDay was in Fayetteville! 

Anyway! So this past Saturday, the guys were broadcasting from the campus of Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts where one of the oldest rivalries in college football would be played for the 122nd time – Williams College vs. Amherst College. The unique part of this broadcast and this rivalry is that it is Division III. I could not have told you the first thing about D3 football before Saturday – but after the GameDay broadcast – I feel like I’ve learned quite a bit. There are no scholarships in Division III – the guys truly play “for love of the game”. Yada yada.

Generally, I wouldn’t care a bit about two teams I’d really never heard of that were in divisions we would never play… but I was intrigued by the mascot of Williams. They kept showing the helmet… which simply says “Ephs”. And I soon gathered that “Ephs” (pronounced Eefs) are their mascot. So what in the world is an Eph??

I kept watching – intently – to learn what the heck an Eph is and they kept promising to tell me, but didn’t! I finally got impatient and decided to google it. And got the most delightful surprise of my life! An Eph is a PURPLE COW! Do you KNOW how exciting this is? There is a little football team out there who rallies behind Ephelia the Purple Cow. I couldn’t believe it!

There can’t be anyone out there who appreciates this like I do – except maybe my Mom. And it also makes me crave The Purple Cow in Little Rock. And makes me think of my friend Zac. And ice skating. Go Ephs!



3 thoughts on “I’d rather see than be one.

  1. Funny. I think of you every time I see that business book called “Purple Cow.”

  2. Ha!  Zac was the first customer to ever ask for pain relievers at that restaurant!  And that was probably the last time Mom ever went ice skating… because of her skull cracking incident.    :(

  3. WHAT?! There’s a restaurant called the purple cow? I must investigate this.

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