I won’t stop till I get ’em in they birthday suits

The topic of birthdays has recently come up – and I really never thought about it before. Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you? Same day? Same month? Lately, I’ve come to agree with the fact that it’s just really not that amazing that you happen upon someone with the same birthday as you. There are only 12 months. There are only 365 days. Statistically, it’s just not that big of a coincidence. You hear people say, “man, there are a lot of October birthdays” or “everyone in my family has Summer birthdays” — think about it. 1 in 4 people have a birthday in the summer. That’s A LOT.

I don’t think Laura has written about this on her blog – and I don’t want to steal her thunder – but she’s recently had a mix-up with someone who has the same birthday as her — and who also happens to have a criminal record… Isn’t that why we have Social Security numbers?? Now, if you happen upon someone with the same SSN as you — that’s a trick!

Even though it’s not amazing or coincidental or impressive in any way — I know a lot of people with birthdays in October… and one is today! Happy Birthday Tom!

Also in October – Keith Wilson! Keith’s birthday has been well documented on the blog – there’s the Birthday Princess from last year… and the year before that I didn’t have a camera yet but I’m sure we did something fun… but I did manage to take this with my camera-phone that year at Halloween! (Can you tell that I feel guilty for neglecting Keith on the blog the last few months?)

But THIS year! We went to On The Mark in Fayetteville and had QUITE the party. Keith was off that day and started “celebrating” early. A few photos…………

Keith BD 2007 025_edited

Above: The Birthday Boy and Becky – striking a pose. Below: Becky and Sarah.

Keith BD 2007 007_edited

Keith BD 2007 010_edited

Above: The whole gang – except Don! How is Don not in this picture?! Below: Becky and Josh playing pool. And me trying to take “cool” shots with my camera.

Keith BD 2007 014_edited

Keith BD 2007 016_edited

Happy Birthday Tom! and Keith! and everybody else with October birthdays! All 1-in-12 of you!

2 thoughts on “I won’t stop till I get ’em in they birthday suits

  1. Happy (late) Birthday, Keith!!  I’m so sad I couldn’t be there…  :(

    And it’s also nice to finally see a picture of Josh- my new best friend.

  2. Happy Birthday to GK. I haven’t seen that lovable teddy bear in quite some time.

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