So I have a phone on my desk at work – as I’m sure most of you have – and there is a large light on the top that lights up when I have new voicemail. The light is red. This bothers me nearly every day. Almost every time I walk away from my desk for more than 10 minutes – I come back to this glaring red light and it makes me wrinkle my nose and frantically check the messages so the blasted light will go off.

I don’t so much have a problem with the light — as I do with it being red. Can it be blue? Or green? Or pink?! Anything but red. Red is arguably my favorite color (since Laura tells me that black is not a color…) but red is inherently negative. Red stoplights, red brakelights, splattered blood in a horror movie, red edit marks on a college english paper – none of these are at all comforting.

I’m actually, contrary to popular belief, very into color. I get freakishly excited when I get to color-code something (or alphabetize something or make a list of any kind) and I take advantage whenever I get the chance.

For example. My email inbox at work. Emails from different people show up in different colors. Emails from client are blue, my supervisor – red, Creative Director – green, and anything I’ve copied myself on is in gray… The day I discovered that I could do that — I felt like I’d discovered that the world is round. I love it.

I use different colors of post-it notes for different kinds of reminders. I use a different colored pen each day for my weekly to-do list so I know which day I wrote it on the list and which day it was crossed-off. These examples actually spill over into my obsession with school supplies… and that’s another story…

2 thoughts on “Roy G. Biv is my hero

  1. What is your favorite color.

  2. wow. they have medicine for that, S…

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