It’s been an eventful few days!

This week, the NWA Sam’s Club moved from Springdale to right across the street from us! Which is very much a double-edged sword… We now have Sam’s gas prices and Sam’s Cafe at our immediate disposal — but they’ve added 2 stoplights and about a jillion cars to our quiet little neck of the woods. Before this week, the only excitement the neighborhood ever saw was the Washington County Fair – which really only got crazy on Friday and Saturday night of fair week. Now we have a Sam’s Club… so we went to check it out on Saturday — along with the rest of northwest Arkansas… We went in (before eating lunch) to check out the place and discovered that it’s a really bad idea to go grocery shopping – at Sam’s! – while you’re hungry. We bought food for an army. Then we headed home to watch the game.

There has been no mention of the game at our house since the final score was posted — so you know how it went. We suffered the first quarter then decided to go to the movies. Don’t see 3:10 to Yuma. Nothing happened for about the first hour of the movie – and we were so bored we kept checking the score on Jeff’s phone. Though the game was looking up, I’m not one to walk out on movies (I’ve only walked out on one in my life – I Heart Huckabees) so we stayed through the end – which was just a notch above ‘just OK’. So we got out of the movie – and listened to the last part of the game on the radio in the car. I didn’t know if we were going to make it home in one piece – the game was getting intense. We made it home in time to watch the last play on TV. And that’s that. Poor hogs.

So we went to Dickson and helped Angela celebrate her birthday.

Sunday. I went to Heather’s house to ride horses. Before I left, Jeff was watching The Hill Have Eyes right before I drove through the backwoods of Madison County to get to Heather’s house – it was terrifying. Horse pictures!

18 Sept 070

18 Sept 073 18 Sept 074

We were more or less 4-wheeling through un-mowed fields for 2 hours — it was SO fun. (My horse’s name is Brownie.)

Sunday night, Becky and Jeff and I drove to Fort Smith to eat dinner with Aunt Janet — who was only in town for a few days. We went to Outback and visited for awhile and had to get home because crazy Becky works at 4:30 in the crazy morning!

Oh! And Sunday was our first wedding anniversary! 

 Wedding Pics 143

We were too full on Sunday night, so last night we busted out the top tier of our wedding cake — which has been taking up more than its fair share of our freezer for the last year.

18 Sept 078

It was beyond delicious a year ago —

Wedding Pics 208

Also last night, we had a bit of a TV fiasco. We decided this week to join the rest of you in the 21st century and we added DVR to our cable service. So I went yesterday to pick up our shiny new box and new remote — and planned to have everything set up and ready by the time Jeff got home. It SO didn’t happen that way. I messed with the TV and the box and the 20 new cords for no less than an hour — and made zero progress. When Jeff got involved we discovered that it wasn’t entirely my fault that the DVR was yet to be hooked up — as the TV we have is so old that it doesn’t have outlets for anything except cable – no red/yellow/white plugs and certainly no USB port. So as we worked against the clock (Rules of Engagement was coming on!) we shuffled 3 TVs around the house and since you have to re-activate the damn thing every time you plug it in — and since we tried 8 or 9 different combinations of the red/yellow/white before we finally got it to work — I was on the phone with Cox automated service all night. We decided it was almost as good as the time we set up a tent with no instructions… couples therapy. :) I suspect this is part of Jeff’s secret plan to buy a new TV.

Nothing like a random spatter of random weekend news. There’s a bit of a shake-up going down at work — I’ll keep you posted when I know something.

One thought on “Tuesday September 18, 2007

  1. I have many things to say…

    First off- I’m very jealous that you rode a horse.  Especially a horse named Brownie.  We must do it again when I come to visit!

    Second- since the gift for first anniversary is paper- I SAVED PAPER by not sending you 2 a real card.  I’ll make you all tree huggers yet!   :)

    Happy Anniversary!!

    I can’t believe 310 to Yuma was that bad!!  I’m still going to give it a chance only because Christian Bale is involved.  ;)

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