He’s not Spider-Pig anymore, he’s Harry Plopper.

I was determined not to like the Harry Potter books. They’ve been out since I was in high school and I’ve managed to avoid both the books and the movies all this time. The 7th book came out when I was on vacation in NYC last month. My friend Angela – big fan of both books and movies – convinced me to give it a try. So I bought the first book. It was just ok. It’s truly a children’s book and so very predictable. The characters were fun, but the plot was so-so. I told Angela this. She made me buy the second one – swearing that they get better.

I kept thinking to myself that surely all of this worldwide frenzy couldn’t stem from this slightly-better-than-mediocre children’s book — they HAD to get better. So I agreed to read the second one. It was more of the same. Same basic plotline, the characters developed into people you care about — but nothing earth-shattering. I began to have my doubts about society – have we reached the point at which we are entertained by reality TV and Harry Potter?

Angela again promised that they get better and I would be in love starting with the 3rd book. I believed her. And have since finished both 3 and 4 and have cried twice. I can hardly believe I am caught up in the nonsense I have gone this long not understanding and, thus, ignoring. What’s amazing is that so many people pushed through to the 3rd book — but I guess back then there wasn’t mass hysteria and there weren’t movies and action figures and whatnot so there was no hype to not live up to.

So last night. I officially and totally succumbed to the madness. I had a dream about Harry Potter. The best part is, though, that the dream also included one Gus Pike! For those of you who are tragic enough not to know Gus Pike – he was a character on a TV show called Road to Avonlea which was a spin-off of Anne of Green Gables on the Disney channel when I was a little girl. We watched it over and over and over, and – even in college – Andrew and I would bust out a VHS he had of some of the episodes and watch them after a particularly hard day of Cal 2. Mmmm. It brings back such great memories.

This morning as I awoke from my Harry Potter/Gus Pike dream I realized that my subconscious made a connection that I never could have — Gus Pike was the Harry Potter of the early 20th century! Gus Pike was the unlikely hero, the scruffy-looking boy that was often overlooked by the reputation-obsessed other characters, always getting himself into some spot of trouble only to get himself out with a little help from friends and a lot of luck. 

I realize this is complete nonsense to those of you who don’t know Gus Pike as intimately as I do, or even for those who haven’t read Harry Potter – but it’s refreshing to know that in a world filled with Flavor Flav and Britney Spears, there are characters like Harry and Gus to keep us grounded.

5 thoughts on “He’s not Spider-Pig anymore, he’s Harry Plopper.

  1. Wow, I had pretty much forgotten about that entire show.  That and AFV were pretty much the Sunday night regulars in San Marcos.  Good thing I didn’t sit closer than the red line or I’d have gone blind!!!!

    Fine piece of writing today, Sarah.

  2. So I guess psychotic dreams DO run in the family…  And yes- I’m going to make fun of you for reading the Harry Potter books.  :)

  3. Aeja is reading the Potter series. I can’t bring myself to do it… I would rather read the dictionary, but I really do like the films – especially the newest one.

  4. I do love the simpler times.  Ahhhh…..the red line.  After all these years, do you now understand the REAL reason?  It was a way of creating an equal territory for ALL four of you!  If any of you sat in front of the red line, you would never have had the room to sit next to one another and enjoy TV times together.  Moms are sneaky — and there’s always a hidden meaning to the method of madness!

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