Becky and I drove to Kansas City on Friday to spend the weekend with Mom, Aunt Erlene and Grandma Dorothy. During the drive, whatever disorder it is that causes me to notice patterns in license plate numbers/letters caused me to notice that Becky’s odometer would turn over to 123456 during our drive. So we decided we needed a picture of this. We practiced for about 20 miles – since it was dark and the odometer being behind glass was making things tricky. This is a picture of the odometer reading 123456. I promise.

KC Trip 036

I also decided it might be fun to take pictures of oncoming headlights on the “Fireworks” setting.

KC Trip 027 KC Trip 026

We also had a bad experience with the Arby’s 5 for $5.95 deal — the bottom line there is that it’s a total rip-off. And we finally made it to KC in one piece. Mom had some Sarah-Martin-type air travel issues, but finally made it from San Antonio a little before midnight.

AND! This is the best part of the weekend! I finally got to see the quilt that Grandma Dorothy and Aunt Erlene made for Jeff and me for our wedding.

Quilt 001   

That picture totally doesn’t do it justice — it’s amazing. They’ve worked on it since we got married last year and it even won a blue ribbon at the South Dakota State Fair this year! It’s the colors from our wedding – reds and oranges and golds — in a double wedding ring pattern. I love it!

Mom and Becky and I decided that the theme of the weekend was “You get what you pay for.” This applied mostly to the hotel we stayed in – which, Mom found out the hard way, did not have an elevator. She had to drag her 49.5 lb suitcase up a flight of stairs after being retrieved from the airport in the makeshift shuttle (which was the shuttle driver’s personal vehicle – a beat-up old Dodge Stratus). And we had to call and get clean towels in the morning – as apparently the person who cleaned our room thought that it was sufficient to just pile the wet ones in the corner of the bathroom counter…

We had SO much fun Saturday - shopping and shopping and driving around eastern Kansas to find more shopping. Here’s the crew Saturday night after a long day.

KC Trip 039

(Laura – I wore that green shirt just for you. And I was careful to get my picture taken in it so there’d be proof!)

The way home was uneventful except for the fact that Becky failed to mention (and I failed to notice on the way up on Friday) that her AC doesn’t work when you “go fast” in her car. I didn’t notice this, by the way, because we drove up at night when the sun was not glaring down on us. So Sunday, I made Becky buy me ice cream when we stopped – because she made me bake in the sun.

I brought a present for Laura – since she didn’t get to come play with us. This is her photographic thank you note to me. (The pen was part of the present – it’s “gianormous”!)

Laura Pen 003 Laura Pen 004  

And I also brought her the last 3 months worth of saatchi tshirts — which she attempted to wear all at one time.

Laura Pen 009

Laura – no need to worry. We had so much fun that we’re already planning the next girls’ weekend!


3 thoughts on “You get what you pay for.

  1. Count me in for the next one!  And thanks for the shirts… I wore my “El Saatchi” one today.  :)

  2. What is your beef (roast beef) with Arby’s 5 for 5?? I gotta know…

  3. Had a great weekend.  But, it truly was a “get what you pay for” weekend.  You forgot that the Dodge Stratus had his “door ajar” alarm going off the whole time and the dude shoved in the back seat (with ALL his luggage) was concerned he was going to fly out of an open door.  The driver’s window wouldn’t roll all the way up, so the driver was kind enough to brush off all the leaves before I sat in his unique shuttle service!  It was a fun weekend.  Next time — Laura’s in!

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