So I took this picture a week or so ago – and planned on making fun of it here. Something about inviting you to meet me at the bakery/BBQ on Main Street in Johnson at the strike of goo…

18 Sept 044

But I got distracted and that nugget never made it to the blog before now. But yesterday, I was driving home and noticed that they fixed it! Someone (not me!) probably asked what the hell GOO is – and they got some white frosting and fixed the 6.

28 Sept 2007

Also of note. I’m pretty sure that the crazy tire people at Sam’s fixed my tire and didn’t tell me — it’s been as inflated as it’s ever been since that infamous day.

Happy Friday.

3 thoughts on “On the dot.

  1. Sarah, that is funny. You really are over-observant. hahaa. I know I am in for it the next time I see you for saying so. Good stuff.

  2. HILARIOUS!  ps- why does “till” have 2 L’s? 

  3. And I love the ninja turtles in the background…

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