I absolutely love it when I come across something that seems to speak “just to me”. I’m sure other people notice this — I know Laura does — you read something in a magazine or you hear a joke in a movie, and you think “they totally had me in mind when they came up with that!”

For example, this Diet Coke ad (which I may or may not have shared here before today):


I see this ad and I think, “they’re talking to me.” I had a similar thought when I saw a recent Milky Way TV spot. NOT the stupid ones where the girl comes out of the Milky Way like a banana saying, ”why so blue panda bear?” – the new one where the person is standing in front of the vending machine – Ode to A7 – let’s see if I can load it here… well, that didn’t work — here’s the link. 

This spot lets me know that it’s OK that I know that Peanut M&Ms are E4 in the vending machine at work. I have a very similar routine to the one in the commercial. It usually happens around 3 in the afternoon – once a week or so — I dig in my desk for change and walk through the breezeway to the cafe. E4. Works every time.

This is perhaps my favorite part of my job — the emotional connection. Many of you probably think that advertising is trickery – and that I am part of a massive money-grubbing empire that is aimed at separating people from their hard-earned dollars and replacing those dollars with useless and expensive crap. Fortunately, this is not the case. Our challenge,as an agency, is to create lovemarks for people — to create these emotional connections with the brands that become a part of their lives, integrated into the routine. We are charged with helping them find the right product for their needs — not tricking them into buying something they don’t need or want. This doesn’t put me in the same realm as, say, my sister Laura – who is saving the world one Guatemalan volcano at a time…. but I like what I do, for the most part, and my job is mostly fun. How many people can say that about what they do?

Weekend Update: I spent the week in Galveston on business, Becky moved to Fayetteville, we went to see Hairspray! (which is my new favorite movie – this week) on Saturday, and Sunday Don, Josh and Becky came over for some swimming and sunburn. Good weekend. Very tired.

3 thoughts on “Monday August 6, 2007

  1. It’s very ironic that you posted about this… I was talking to someone just today and telling them how happy I was for you that you enjoyed your work so much.  You’re very right– there aren’t many people out there who truly LIKE their jobs. 

    And as for saving the world- I think I was the one who needed saving after that Guatemalan volcano.   :)

    Love you.

  2. Glad life is good.  Any word on the football stuff from U of A?

  3. I LOVE my job. For the record.

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