2nd Annual July 4th Float Trip!


I apologize that these took so long to post! These are photos from the 2nd Annual July 4th Elk River Float Trip. Feel free to check out last year’s pictures for fun. Michelle, Melinda and Scotto came up from Dallas for the week and we had SUCH a good time. All of these individual photos are in the “Texicans 2007” photo album.
More rapid-shot pictures of jumping off the bridge.
Texicans 2007 067_edited
Texicans 2007 068_edited
Texicans 2007 069_edited
Texicans 2007 070_edited
(I was scared TO DEATH when Jeff was doing back-flips — as Michelle had just made a joke about crazy rednecks’ last words being “Watch This!”)
Texicans 2007 045_edited Texicans 2007 046_edited
Texicans 2007 047_edited Texicans 2007 048_edited
Texicans 2007 049_edited Texicans 2007 050_edited
Texicans 2007 051_edited Texicans 2007 038_edited

2 thoughts on “2nd Annual July 4th Float Trip!

  1. Is that Jeff doing the backflip?  If so- I’m very impressed. 

    And I’m glad that someone got to go to the river for the 4th of July…  All of ours were closed due to unbelievable amounts of rain and life-threatening rapids.   :(

  2. Welcome back to Xanga after your sabbatical.

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