One of the front page articles on MSN.com this morning was Is It Wrong to Correct Someone's Grammar? . In the spirit of grammar, I challenge you to a Monday morning quiz. Post your answers in a comment. If anyone gets them all correct (without cheating), I'll see what I can do about a prize.
The school principal tended to spend more of her free time in the hallways with students than in the _____ lounge with the faculty members.
a) teachers'
b) teachers
c) teacher's
He often incorporated several kinds of media into his art, _____, clay, glass, and wood.
a) i.e.
b) e.g.
c) et al.
"You are taking my comments _____ personally," Bailey said with a frown.
a) too
b) to
c) two
Neither Derek nor Denny ____ in the building.
a) were
b) are
c) is
Christina is one of the doctors who _______ rounds at 10 a.m.
a) do
b) does
c) done
Finn is on the team _____ rode the bus to the stadium.
a) who
b) that
c) whom
Please move your dirty feet _____ the table.
a) of
b) off of
c) off
George divided the bananas _______ the three monkeys.
a) between
b) among
c) to
Addison had _____ of friends at her new school.
a) a lot
b) alot
c) allot
Burke missed his flight ____ the heavy rush-hour traffic.
a) due to
b) because of
c) due to the fact of

6 thoughts on “Grammar Quiz

  1. a, b, a, c, b, b, c, b, a, a

    I, however, firmly believe that #7 could be either b or c, depending on one’s discretion. Also, the language is quickly evolving to include “alot” as its own word.

  2. a, b, a, c, b, b, c, b, a, a

    Man…  those are the same answers spring gave.  I guess we’ll split the winnings. 

    Tell Jeff I’m still working on trying to acquire something for him that “cannot be bought in a store”, but that certain things are illegal to mail back stateside.

  3. a,b,a,a,b,b,b,b,a,a

    If any are wrong- suck it.  

  4. 1. A

    2. B

    3. A

    4. C

    5. B

    6. B

    7. B

    8. A

    9. A


  5. Tuesday morning: a,b,a,c,b,b,b,b,a,b

  6. I think #7 should be “‘from’ the table”, but hey your choices are just fine…. juuuusst fine.

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