So first a little background. The company I work for (Saatchi & Saatchi X) supports a charity called Thompson Murray Children's Foundation (TMCF). There are various fundraisers throughout the year – large and small. Each month a different department coordinates a fundraiser that involves the entire agency. The month of January was the Creative Department. The creatives decided to make their fundraiser last all year by designing The D1RTY DO2EN. The D1RTY DO2EN is a collection of Tshirts, designed in-house by our own art directors and graphic designers — one for each month of 2007. So each month I get an email with a preview of next month's Tshirt. I, however, ordered all of them upfront so that I would get the baker's dozen — the bonus 13th shirt at the end of the year. All proceeds go to TMCF.

So I am down for 2 Tshirts each month, 1 for Becky and 1 for Laura. Each month since January, I get 2 Tshirts in my mailbox at work and I mail them to Becky and Laura. They send me hilarious pictures of themselves wearing the Tshirts. See below.







   February: No real story provided for the random photos. They're entertaining just the same.

Kitchen pics 003 Kitchen pics 004 Kitchen pics 005 Kitchen pics 007 Kitchen pics 011



March:  The story given for these photos was "Becky & I were the only ones home and we wanted to take a picture for you– so we had to call upon the use of the timer on my camera.  So I set the timer, and went to run into position, and stepped right into the corner of one of Mom & Dad's end tables.  It was very sharp- and there was screaming and dancing around… So the first picture of Becky is what the camera caught when it finally went off.  (I think I was in the floor crying by the time it actually took the picture…)  The second picture is my heel and the damage that was done by the table.  See that giant red line down the right side?  Yeah- OUCH.  So then we got it all set up and I hit the button again- but I forgot to set the timer… so that's pic #3.  Becky just chillin'   And then… finally we got it!  :)  I just thought you should know what kind of effort went into this."

P5100044 P5100048 P5100046


You get the idea.

So the April shirt was really late coming in and was quickly followed by the May shirt so I had both in my mailbox ready to send to the girls when I realized Becky would be in Fayetteville the next week — so I decided to save on postage and send them home with her. Good plan. So I left them down in my mailbox that week and went to get them the day before Becky would arrive in town. They weren't there! Someone had taken one of each of them. There's only one each of the April and May shirts. So I check with my mailbox-mate. Nothing. I check in with Creative to see if there are extras. Nothing. So, Tuesday of this week, I sent out the following email to the entire agency:

Someone has picked up a set of TMCF Dirty Dozen shirts from my mailbox downstairs. There were 2 of each from the last 2 months — 1 each is missing. If you've picked them up by mistake (or not by mistake) please put them back where you found them. My little sisters, who so look forward to receiving their T-shirts in the mail each month, are going to be very disappointed if you don't. 
I have had no response. Someone stole my Tshirts! And they were for charity! What is wrong with people? So now I have to break it to Becky and Laura. And I'll get no funny matching-Tshirt pictures. There's actually a small investigation being waged at work — concerning the missing Tshirts. I'll keep you updated.
If you want in on the Tshirts — they're one-of-a-kind — you should let me know. They send out the next month's design every 30 days for people to order. It's fun. And let me know if you have information leading to the recovery of the missing shirts. Bastards.

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  1. Oh no!!!  I’m going to think positive and believe that the person responsible surely had no clothes.  It was either steal the shirts- or go naked. 

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