I passed my class!

The first piece of good news is that I am done with the class. And according to ISIS – I even get credit for it! I keep checking it to make sure it hasn’t changed.

Yah! I am still pondering whether this should serve as inspiration to take the next class… or if I should quit while I’m ahead. This one about did me in. We’ll see.

The second piece of good news is about Jazzercise. Every quarter or so, the powers-that-be hand down new songs/routines for class — so we get to mix it up a little and have new stuff. I have never been so excited at Jazz until yesterday, when I discovered that they have developed a routine to a Dreamgirls song! To my knowledge, it’s the only showtune we have in our repertoire. This is SUCH good news. I know a dance to “Move”! And I sang the whole time. Usually, I don’t sing during Jazz because the songs are a lot of Boy Band – Kelly Clarkson – Ashlee Simpson – Michael Buble - nonsense.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday May 9, 2007

  1. I never saw Dreamgirls… so I can’t share in that excitement. 

    But yay for passing (and getting credit for) your class!  :)

  2. I love Michael Buble! He’s second in line behind Mr Groban!

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