No pictures today – regrettably. I flew on a private jet to Kansas City for the day — and it was fabulous. A company we contract out for in-store demonstrator work is in Kansas City, and we did a video shoot today for an upcoming event. And, well… I needed to be there and it’s too far away to go there and back in one day… so they sent a plane to get me! It was great – I got to XNA about 9:15 this morning and was in KC by 10. My client went with me – a car picked us up at the airport and took us to the shoot. I felt like some sort of celebrity.  We got tired around 3:30 and Mick had to get back to pick up his kids so we called the pilot and told him we were on our way back. Home by 4:30. Let me tell you — THAT is the way to travel!

The video shoot itself was uneventful. They needed us there for quality control and some brand expertise — but they had everything more or less under control. They catered in BBQ for lunch and I sat in a big comfy director’s chair all day.

Tomorrow, unfortunately, it is back to reality.



This is a picture of the kind of plane I was on today.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday May 16, 2007

  1. Always remember the little people. Oh my gods!….. it’s like I am talking to J-Lo!

  2. Keep on climbing that corporate ladder, and soon you’ll travel to work in a private jet daily!

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