We hosted the 2nd Annual Memorial Day Weekend Float Trip to the Elk River on Sunday. The weather threatened to ruin the day — and it was pretty cloudy all day, but otherwise perfect and we had a blast. On the shuttle to the top of the river, we were greeted by a sign that was too funny to describe so I lifted it in order to share with you…



Memorial Day 2007 004_edited


Here’s one of the whole crew. Ryan and Allison, Aeja and Logan, Angela, Sarah and Jeff.






You’ll notice there’s an odd number. Angela, Jeff and I shared a canoe — and none of us were adequately prepared for the weight distribution of 3 people..


Memorial Day 2007 010_edited


This was taken just after the first (and worst) of several “tumps”. Angela tells me “tump” is indeed a word — it’s a hybrid of ‘tip’ and ‘dump’.






 Memorial Day 2007 007 Memorial Day 2007 001_edited

I have never had an appropriate opportunity to use the “shoot and select” mode on my camera — until this weekend. It takes pictures in rapid succession — like a flip book. Aeja, Logan and Jeff decided to jump off a bridge about halfway down the river so I tried it out.

Memorial Day 2007 035_edited  


The first try didn’t work and I only got one photo. If you look closely — you can make out Jeff in black shorts, Logan is diving, and Aeja is behind him.





This was the second attempt.

Memorial Day 2007 059_edited Memorial Day 2007 060_edited

Memorial Day 2007 061_edited Memorial Day 2007 062_edited

Memorial Day 2007 063_edited  

For those of you in the GK fan club — rest assured he and Don will be on the next trip — they were both working this weekend!

Memorial Day 2007 025 Memorial Day 2007 008_edited

Any and all of you who plan on being in the area this summer are invited to come hang out at the river. We have become quite the river rats! Don’t you worry though — I spent Monday getting washed and pedicured so that I’d feel normal again.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday May 29, 2007

  1. That sign was hilarious. I am pretty sure we saw all of those rules broken many times over throughout the day. Especially the No Nudity one… I had a blast lets do it again.

  2. Nudity?!?!?! Why wasnt I invited?


  3. We’ll definitely have to schedule a trip for later in the summer… 

    Glad the gators didn’t get you.  :)

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