I just arrived at work from my class (1 more day!) to find this email from our receptionist in my inbox:

We have an unwelcome visitor in the breezeway in the form of a bat (yes, a real bat with wings and teeth) Brad is contacting animal control as we speak. Please avoid this area in case the bat is sick. It?s unusual for them to be alone and in the day light so please be cautious.


I saw him on my way in. He’s a pretty cute little guy – but I didn’t want to take a picture for fear of disturbing him. This is not unlike the moth that Laura and Becky stumbled upon in Dallas — though they were not so kind as to leave well enough alone…

Side note: The situation at the Sonic in Johnson has escalated to my not even needing to order. I drive up to the speaker – the voice comes on to say “Welcome to Sonic, may I take your order?” but instead, the voice now says “Route 44 Diet Coke?”. I drive around and there’s my drink. I love it!


One thought on “Tuesday May 1, 2007

  1. It is also unusual to find a bat stuck in your headlight. Furthermore, it is unusual to carry the bat around on a tennis racket causing general commotion. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

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