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If you’re not familiar with the work of Derren Brown, he’s a mind master when it comes to suggesting, influencing, planting and hypnotizing. You should check out his other mental feats on You Tube. But here he gets into the head of a couple of ad guys, literally. Now, despite the clear awesomeness of this stunt, and before you say you’re too creative to have ever fallen into this trap, keep in mind these guys only had 30 minutes. They were scrambling to come up with something and naturally these are some of the images and thoughts that first came to mind. But Derren does teach us something about the way our minds ideate. Our brains are pulling directly from everyday experiences that we aren’t even remembering. Our bus ride to work, the lunch line, etc. So, pay a bit more attention to that boring stuff around you. Because you never know when you might be passing a Gold Lion idea.

Original Link found on advertising for peanuts.

One thought on “Tuesday May 1, 2007

  1. Without the last 20 seconds I would not have understood the whole video. A video like that really makes you think about how much of your creativity and originality is really your own.

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