Xanga now allows anonymous comments! Meaning: you do NOT have to have a Xanga to comment. You don’t have to sign-in or have an account — just leave a comment and your name.  Yah!

There’s a lady on the other side of the wall from me whose ringtone is the worst I’ve ever heard. It is a child singing. Which, I realize, sounds sweet – at first. It’s a child singing “You are my sunshine”. But picture it this way: a child in an almost-whisper singing ‘you are my sunshine, my only sunshine’ , really slow and creepy-like as if in a horror movie. Every time it rings I picture Gage from Pet Cemetery.  I wish you could hear it. It makes me shiver every time.

3 thoughts on “Thursday May 10, 2007

  1. I’ve noticed that, too!  :)

  2. …the anonymous comments, that is.

  3. My best friend here has a ring tone that opens “I like your pants around your feet.”  I guess it’s a song by Nickelback.  That’s pretty inappropriate.

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