Dr. and Mrs. Hood!

JeffGrad 016_edited

It was a good weekend — lots going on. My parents and Jeff’s parents were all here for graduation, Sunday was both Mother’s Day and Becky’s 21st birthday, and Friday was Don’s birthday (though they wimped out on us and we didn’t get to properly celebrate). We had fun with family — here’s a pic of Mom and Dad.

JeffGrad 029_edited

4 thoughts on “Sunday May 13, 2007

  1. Yay!!  :) 

    I got the things you sent– thanks, sister! 

  2. Please pass my congratulations on to Jeff and tell him I’m still working on getting that “item” from over here he requested. 

  3. Boy, we sure are awfully proud of that Jeff Hood… What happened to GK and Don Friday?

  4. Congrats to Jeffrey! Tell Don that I said happy birthday!

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