I had a Pan’s Labyrinth nightmare last night. If you’ve seen it – you know what I mean. I was viciously attacked by an evil butterfly that could talk. I am assuming the butterfly influence is a result of Meredith Vieira doing a segment on Today about monarch butterfly migration habits — she went down to Mexico and was literally wading through a sea of millions and millions of butterflies. They freak me out. Clearly.

Programming note: My phone is broken. Literally broken into several pieces. If you should need to get ahold of me today or this weekend – please call Jeff’s phone or my work cell phone. I’m not sure when mine will be up and running again.

My team had a piece of work go live today on Walmart.com. Check it out! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also get to it by navigating Walmart.com. On the main page of WM.com click “In Stores Now” on the far right. Then “Free Samples”. Then “Pampers”.

Enjoy. and Happy Friday.

2 thoughts on “Friday May 18, 2007

  1. Very sorry about the phone…  But atleast you have a work cell as a back-up. 

    I had a nightmare last night that involved the Peace Corps stationing me in Nebraska.  Wierd… 

  2. Since I do not have the ability to remember dreams or nightmares I can only say that I am jealous. I did see Pan’s Labyrinth yesterday. It is a great film; well deserving every nod it has recieved. I am a little put out, though, by the fact that it was described to me by some folks, more than once, as “okay but gorry.” It was absolutely neither. I have seen one of the aforementioned “describers” laugh their ass off at Shawn of the Dead. THAT movie is gorry, but I digress. I enjoyed it as well…

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