Wednesday April 4, 2007

…………….God love Jazzercise. As far as I’m concerned, Jazz has two primary benefits.

1. Jazz helps me get rid of my day. Every ounce of tension that may build up throughout my day – gets released at Jazz. Well, maybe not every ounce — but it definitely lessens the burden that my sweet husband would otherwise have to bear. I have tried to work out first thing in the morning – I can’t do it. For one, I don’t particularly enjoy exercising. Secondly, I have no fuel – no drive. I have to have something to work out. 

2. Jazz usually wears me out completely. I have had much trouble sleeping – in the past – and Jazz uses everything I’ve got in me after work so that I have just enough to go tan, go home, eat an apple, take a shower (maybe), and crawl to the bed. Sleeping is much easier.

Oddly enough, the health benefit is secondary at best.

……………………..So. I get to see all of my family in the next 10 days. ALL of them! We are going to Arkadelphia for Easter and San Antonio to celebrate Tom being home, Laura’s birthday, and Mom’s birthday. (And Jeff’s big news, that I’m probably not supposed to mention…) I am excited to see everyone and should have fun pictures for you after we get back from the big trip.

………………………………………..I am tired of my computer and my phone fighting over what time it is. Outlook has been screwed up for weeks and all my meetings and reminders are wacky and off by an hour. My phone doesn’t know what day it is… I can assure you, Powers-that-be, that I would rather have 3 weeks of darkness than 3 weeks of inconvenience.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday April 4, 2007

  1. Yay for your visit!!  :)   And I totally understand about working out at night…

  2. It’s regular daylight savings time now. Shouldn’t that have all worked itself out now? My stuff did.

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