Wednesday April 25, 2007

There should be an election channel. Election Network. or The Election Channel. There’s a Weather Channel, a Food Network, a SciFi Channel… If the election is going to start earlier and earlier every time — we might as well prepare for the days (coming sooner than I realize, I’m sure) of solid elections — one election season will just run right into the next one, there will be constant political ads on TV, constant trash-talking by otherwise civilized people – and this will warrant The Election Channel. I wonder how many people will opt for this in their cable package. They’ll probably make it one of those “bonus” channels you get automatically.

In other news – I recently came across this chart and thought it was fascinating. I hope you can read it here — if not it’s HERE. The blue color indicates places in the country where there are more single men than single women. Red indicates more single women than single men. So the bigger the dot — the bigger the discrepancy between the number of single men and single women. Get it?


Dad, I thought of you and your people-watching when I saw this. Check out the difference in the eastern and western halves of the country. I think most of the blue dots can be explained by military installations or immigrants to areas of applicable industry or employment — but I can’t think of why there’d be more women in some places than others — thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Wednesday April 25, 2007

  1. Ok- my computer at home won’t let me leave commets- but the computer at school will?  I’m confused…

  2. you can leave commets too :)

  3. Would those be commets or comets?   Is Haley involved in any of this?   It is not global warming and the military base theory won’t work,,,, I’ll get back to you…..  (It’s not a democrat-republican thing is it?)

  4. <———- Check out this gorgeous profile pic! It’s okay to be jealous.

  5. I’m back in the land of Hadji now.  Not quite back to my FOB, but one more flight and we’ll be there. 

    That’s a rather intriguing chart.  Dad’s right about the military thing and here’s why:  The Department of Defense, while in most headlines these days, makes up a rather small slice (I think like maybe 3%) of this country’s population.  Also, the amount of women in uniform at each Army, Marine, Air Force, Navy, or Coast Guard installation is a lot more than you would think.  Given just those two factors alone, and the fact that we’re all over here in Iraq, at least us Army folks, is enough to give some insight towards answering your question.

  6. I’ve got it! Women in the East are uglier than West Coast women.

  7. This may be a little stereotypical, but do you think that the chart reflects the areas where larger gay and lesbian areas may be?

  8. Might it have something to do with more women being in areas that are populated by minority groups where single parent families are predominent due to gang violence, crime, etc.?  I’m guessing, but that may be a completley biased opinion.  Do you know if data includes people who are in prison? 

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