So now that it’s in-market, I can tell you. My team has created an ad for All You magazine that is on newsstands at Wal-Mart this week! It’s the first execution of its kind, so for testing purposes we only executed it in 16 states — but I think those states include most of you.

It’s an ad for Bounty, including a full sheet sample. It shouldn’t be hard to find – the magazine nearly falls open to that page! If you think about it next time you’re in Wal-Mart, check it out.

Bounty Ad 004

The best part is all the “spills” listed on the page (being sucked up by the paper towel). There’s a spill for every letter of the alphabet and some of them are quite creative.

Anyway. I know I’m boring you with work junk again. Maybe I’ll have something fun tomorrow….

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