God help the poor drivers on the road between my house and work this morning. They probably couldn’t actually hear the things I was yelling at them as they were going too slow, too fast, not merging correctly, or just there — but I admit that it wasn’t very nice and might apologize to them if I had the chance.

So Saturday afternoon, we ventured out for lunch. We decided on an old faithful – Chick-fil-A. I’ve posted about Chick-fil-A before — the drive-thru line at lunchtime, the creepy Sunshine Cleaners-esque workers, even way back to my battles on-campus with the waffle fries – but it’s my favorite fast food place and sounded perfect on  Saturday. To sweeten things, I had a coupon for a free sandwich with purchase of a medium drink and fries — I got it on Tax Day when I went there for lunch. The coupon was cute – the cow was wearing a board reading “Beef Tax 100%, Chikin Tax 0%”. So we order a #1 ($4something) and a #4 ($6something) — plus my coupon for a free sandwich — and our total was $13something. Ummm. I hate to argue about a couple dollars of fast food – especially if I have a coupon…. but that’s some funky math  So I ask for the receipt and see that they’ve “discounted” my sandwich by adding it and then immediately subtracting it — the cashier keeps pointing at where she’s subtracted it while I point out “yeah, but you added it first – that’s just zero”. This frustrates her so she goes to get a manager, who explains to me in her most politely patronizing voice that the $2.50 for the sandwich has indeed been subtracted. Ok. I ask “just out of curiosity, what would the total have been without the coupon?” She huffily rings it all up again — “$16”. Ha! That’s some tax rate they’ve got on fast food these days. By this time, I’m drawing a crowd and Jeff has bailed the situation to go get napkins and straws. I painfully pay for our food – which I can’t for the life of me recall EVER being so expensive. I’m standing there as a tray of food comes up which I can only assume is for someone else — it has three sandwiches on it. Jeff and I both start laughing as we realize the geniuses at Chick-fil-A have outsmarted us. So now we have our “free” sandwich at home in the refrigerator — where it will NEVER taste as good warmed up as it would have tasted fresh out of the fryer at the restaurant… but I have a free sandwich – dammit.

Friday night we celebrated Jennifer’s birthday —

The Gang -- Cool Water

Jeff Sarah Keith Don

And Sunday – Jeff and I ventured East into the Boston Mountains to find Kings River Falls.

Kings River Falls

Kings River Falls

Kings River Falls

Kings River Falls

There were a couple guys camping there and they were up doing backflips into the water — I couldn’t seem to get a picture of it. We plan to go back when it gets a little warmer – the water was a little chilly for swimming.

(More Pics in Album.)

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  1. I’ve been to those falls! 

    Sorry about the Mondays…  :(

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