This morning I am reflecting on the Johnson Sonic and attempting to identify the turning point in our relationship. The owner/manager/ringleader of this particular location and I did not get off on the right foot and continued to have issues for the first few months. But we have come a long way since those days – the morning “hello”s have turned into “good morning”s have turned into “see you tomorrow”s have turned into……….. TODAY – I was not the only car in the drive-thru line so instead of making me wait my turn – Mr. Sonic Manager came outside to deliver my Route 44 Diet Coke and get my card. He came back out with a receipt and gave me a “how was your weekend?”!!  I think we’re going to make it afterall.

Pics from the weekend —

Friday night (4/20) we went to hear Logan‘s band Truefolk at George’s.

April 22 2007 003

April 22 2007 001_edited

April 22 2007 007_edited

Then Saturday – we met up with Saatchi folk for a going-away party at Brewski’s.

April 22 2007 017_edited

April 22 2007 027_edited

(More Pics in Friends Album)

2 thoughts on “Monday April 23, 2007

  1. i love that you are buddies with the sonic manager.  that is just fabulous. 

  2. Thanks for coming out on Friday. Good to see you and Jeff.

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