Ahh! Work is busy — I have not had time to blog and I miss it! For those few loyal readers who still check this everyday hoping for a nugget of randomness… I'm sorry I've been disappointing you. Perhaps things will be better.

So. I'm a little behind, but I have photos from my weekend at home! They are all in the Family album under the photo tab above and several gems can be found at both Laura's and Becky's blogs.

The day that the girls had school – Tom, Erika, Jeff and I climbed a mountain — that's right — a mountain. These are pretty much the only pictures you can't already get on either Laura or Becky's site. 


Tom Weekend 07 002

Mom and Dad took this picture so they'd have something to put on the news when we got lost up on the mountain.




Tom Weekend 07 006

It was slightly windy on top of Enchanted Rock…


Tom Weekend 07 004

Tom and Erika.

Tom Weekend 07 008

Tom had us on a wild goose chase for a "cave" he claims to have been to before — we staged this shot so he could tell everyone he found the cave…

Tom Weekend 07 017

Jeff and Sarah.

Tom Weekend 07 018

Another staged authentic photo of Tom's mountain climbing and survival skills. Actually, his skills got us down the backside of the mountain… trails are for sissies!

Tom Weekend 07 020_edited

Jeff, Sarah, Erika, Tom.

I already know how proud of me you are for climbing a mountain on vacation (or at all, for that matter). No need to go on and on about it…

We had bumper cars and birthday parties, Fiesta Texas and Fredericksburg. The weekend was fabulous and it was great to see everyone.

Tom Weekend 07 039_edited  

BTW: We didn't make a conscious effort to all wear sweats and jammies in this our last family photo for the next 2 years… it was an unexpected bonus.

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