George: All right! All right. I’ll tell you what. How about this? Got the date; March 21st, the first day of spring.
Jerry: Spring. Of course.
George: Huh? You know? Spring. Rejuvenation. Rebirth. Everything’s blooming. All that crap.
Jerry: Beautiful.


Who’s Benito Juarez? And why is he on my calendar – crowding out “Spring Begins”?


11 thoughts on “Wednesday March 21, 2007

  1. God.  I love Seinfeld, but that discrepancy still pisses me off.  The vernal equinox is always on the 20th.  I should know, after all.  The 20th is my birthday, and spring is my namesake.

    But I don’t blame you for trusting Larry David’s opinion on this.

    But also, my calendar is correct.  March 20, Tuesday, First Day of Spring.  It’s a French phrase-of-the-day calendar, in case you were wondering.

  2. FYI:

    Benito Juarez was a Zapotec Amerindian who served five terms as President of Mexico. For resisting the French occupation, overthrowing the Empire, and restoring the Republic, as well as his efforts to modernize the country, Ju?rez is often regarded as Mexico’s greatest and most beloved leader. He is the only full-blooded indenious national to serve as President of Mexico.

  3. Also, how do you do the “currently reading/listening” thing at the top of the blog? do you have to be a premium member?

  4. Well, there’s a feather in your cap!

  5. Thanks!  Sorry to be a jerk about the first day of spring.  It’s just my sole purpose for living, is all.

  6. It’s funny because after reading the post about your birthday – I remember thinking that it was ironic you were born so nearly on the 1st day of spring… So is it at midnight or what?

  7. I believe the vernal equinox occurred around 5 p.m. yesterday.  I’m not sure if the exact time of the equinox changes every year, but it always happens on the 20th.  I was born around 1 a.m. on the 20th, so before the equinox most likely, but still on the day of the equinox.

    The discrepancy happens when people consider March 21st to be the first FULL day of spring, which it is.  But spring comes on the 20th.  It’s confusing.  I’ve been fighting it my whole life.  haha.

  8. To add fuel to the fire, my calendar says the Vernal Equinox is on March 21st. 

  9. I think the 21st is considered the first official FULL day of spring. Atleast that’s what the weatherman said last night on the news… 

  10. Why is everyone commenting on the first day of spring instead of that video?!?! Where did you find that anyway?

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