lovemarks: loyalty beyond reason.

This is what I do. This is what Saatchi & Saatchi X strives to do as an agency– turn “everyday” brands into lovemarks. “Lovemark” is an industry term for a brand or product that is so close to a consumer’s heart and life that they feel they can’t live without it. It becomes a part of their routine, a part of their daily life. They are inseparable.

Some examples of lovemarks: Google, Corvette, Red Bull, Chicago Cubs, Coca-Cola, IKEA, Jack Daniels, Starbucks – it can be a person, a place, a brand — anything to which people are loyal without documentable reason. You love it – but you love it so much it’s hard for you to decide where to start explaining why you love it.


So anyway, the ultimate goal of marketing is to create a lovemark out of our brand or product. People are more loyal to their bath tissue than you might think…

So this week, my boss, Steve, sent an email out to our Account Service team on HHN (Household Needs) asking us to name a lovemark in our lives that gets daily use. Not hard. So I fire back my email with an answer – only to get the response: “Beginning right now, I’m asking you to completely give up your Lovemark for one week.” Noooo! My answer was Diet Coke!

Today was my first Diet Coke-less day in a long time. I went to lunch with Steve and Angela today, and I had to catch myself before I ordered one… It’s going to be a long week.


About the 5th grade-level intelligence test – most of you failed. And by failed, I mean less than 100%. The answers are as follows:

1. October. Mom- didn’t know about Native American Day. It is noted.

2. False. They live on opposite sides of the world.

3. 4 inches. The area of a triangle is 1/2 the base times the height. It does NOT matter whether it is isosceles, etc.

4. Andrew Johnson. “Impeach” does not mean “removed from office”. i.e. Nixon was not impeached. He is the only US president to have resigned.

5. The Mayflower. If you answered Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria – I cry for you. 

6. Rapid Eye Movement. This is the only one of the six I consider to be above a 5th grade level.

Just for fun – here are a few more:

1. What is the largest South American country by area?

2. Inca civilizations were concentrated on what present-day continent?

3. A heptagon is a shape with how many sides?

4. Emma has 2 yardsticks. She also has a 12 inch ruler. She laid them end-to-end in a line. How many feet long is the line?

5. True or False. The earth’s moon gives off its own light.

In other news, I’d like to extend congratulations to the Senior Advisor as he is the proud new parent of this lovely refrigerator.


7 thoughts on “Thursday March 1, 2007

  1. OK….I’ll try to answer some of these!

    1.  Brazil

    2.  South America

    3.  I’d first have to define a Heptagon!  Then….I’d know the answer.  hahaha

    4.  7 feet

    The fridge looks like ours.

    5.  False.  Everyone knows the moon’s light is a reflection from the sun.

  2. 1. Brazil

    2. South America

    3. 7

    4. 7 feet

    5. False

    I actually think all of those were easier than the last 5.

  3. I agree with angegg- so I won’t write out the answers again.  If she misses any- so do I. 

    And as for the fridge: “What the…?”

  4. WTF? I didn’t miss any! Andrew Johnson … that’s what I said … the dude after Lincoln! I feel cheated. I am boycotting your quizzes. We are THROUGH.

  5. There’s a reason you feel cheated… Cheater.

  6. WHAT? I didn’t cheat! You suck.

  7. 1. Chile

    All others are already answered.

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