Dear Readers,


I feel the need to post a retraction to my post dated March 21, 2007 – 9:08am. My intention was not to incite a riot, but rather to take advantage of a seemingly appropriate opportunity to quote Seinfeld.


Though I am rarely an expert on subjects I attempt to tackle in this space, I do know my Seinfeld. I do not, however, allege even the slightest level of expertise in the fields of meteorology or astrology.


I made the fatal mistake of trusting pop culture to provide truth?though I also used context clues such as the calendar at my desk (compliments of Procter & Gamble). After what history will no doubt refer to as ?The Great Debate?, I decided that I owe you ? dear readers ? the truth. So I have gathered several sources with varying degrees of bias. I am in no way attempting to present certainties ? rather to provide you the tools necessary to draw your own conclusions. Here goes.


  • Source #1 Wikipedia: ?In astrology, March 21 is regarded as the first full day of the sign of Aries. It is also the first day of the astrological year; International Astrology Day is also often celebrated on this day, though it is celebrated depending on the exact day that the Equinox actually occurs (varies year to year between March 20-21, though it usually falls on March 21).?
  •  Source #2 ?Avid “Seinfeld” fans might remember the episode when Jerry?s friend, George, was desperately trying to find a way to postpone his impending Christmastime wedding with his fianc?e, Susan. He finally comes up with a solution: “Have the wedding on March 21 ? the first day of spring!” Unfortunately, if George had gone through with the nuptials (and Seinfeld aficionados know why he never did), he would have been a full day late. You see, in America, spring no longer falls on March 21. In 2005, for instance, the vernal equinox, the first day of spring for the Northern Hemisphere, comes on Sunday, March 20 at 12:33 GMT, or 7:33 a.m. EST (4:33 a.m. PST).?
  • Source #3 This site belongs to my Xanga-Friend and fellow blogger- Spring. After considering this issue from several angles, I realized that perhaps the most natural way to settle it may simply have been to ask Spring ? whose birthday happens to fall on March 20.


I encourage you to visit these fine cyber-destinations and find what information you crave. I officially remove myself from this, ?The Great Debate? and wish you the best in your quest for the truth.


                                                                                    Yours, Sarah


It never fails. The posts I think about for less than 2 seconds, those that are little more than throw-away nonsense ? those are the posts that trigger oodles of comments and gads of attention. The posts of which I am most proud, those that showcase what minor literary talent I have and contain (what I consider) potential for real discussion —– Crickets.

4 thoughts on “Thursday March 22, 2007

  1. So next time I’m on Jeopardy- what is the right answer?  The 20th or the 21st??  I’m still confused…

  2. Yes, Crickets!  With a little dash of Tumbleweed!

  3. Crickets… Jeff would be so proud!

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