I had such a pleasant weekend. Saturday, I went to the 2007 Fort Smith Southside Forensics Olympiad ? and had the best time. I was able to catch up with an old friend and revisit some favorite memories.


As I drove up to the school, I was overcome by a feeling of familiarity. I walked into the building and was comforted by the clich? that ?some things never change?. I wasn?t scheduled to judge right away, so I roamed up and down the halls. There were students pacing ? black notebooks in-hand ? silently mouthing words in rehearsal for a round, partners preparing an improv scene in the stairwell, and random outbursts of showtunes. I found Balgavy ? pen behind her ear, Starbucks in-hand, carrying a Harvard portfolio and upset-stomach medicine for one of her JV kids. 


We sat in the coaches lounge or the cafeteria between rounds of judging and chatted about family, friends, school, work ? everything. And we talked about how, in a world in which ?communication? now conjures thoughts of text messaging and Myspace ? it was truly a treat to get to sit down with an old friend and talk.


It was also heartening to discover that the program I was a part of during high school ? has not changed much. They have new facilities and twice as many students and new coaches ? but the same person who taught me important lessons in poise, confidence and accountability ? is still there. I loved meeting her students and hearing them talk about rounds or rehearsing. I loved standing in the sea of people while breaks were posted ? witnessing joy matched only by reunited families in airport terminals. It was such a great day and I hope it?s not another 7 years before I get to go back.


Enough mush. J Saturday night was, of course, St. Patrick?s Day (Lonette ? I thought of you ALL day!). We gathered the posse and hit Jose?s patio for some green beer and jig-dancing —


St Patricks 2007

St Patricks 2007

St Patricks 2007

St Patricks 2007

St Patricks 2007


And though it looks like I was not in the spirit – I was wearing green pants!


Sunday was spent at the doctor’s office for an ulcer in my eye… and now I have to wear glasses all week and put milky drops in my eyes every few hours for the next 7 days. Stupid contacts.

4 thoughts on “Monday March 19, 2007

  1. My little sister is a senior in Fayetteville High School’s forensics team, and from what I have heard, she’s kind of a badass. She might have been there. Now that that’s out of the way, Jeezus!, ulcer in your eye? That sounds like a revenge/torture method brought on by a squirt of acid in the eye by some abhorrent enemy. Never heard of that one.

    No baby for Aeja and I on St. Patty’s like Aeja’s Irish family had hoped. I guess the baby has more French than Irish in her. Perhaps a little of my mother’s “Stubborn Belgian” side.

  2. Are Belgians stubborn?

    Sadly, the ulcer-in-the-eye torture is self-induced. I have been told for years that I should take my contacts out every night so my eyes can “breathe” — which I’ve always thought was unnecessary — so I take them out every month or so, instead. And I wear 2-week contacts for months on end. So unfortunately I don’t deserve sympathy…

  3. No you don’t deserve sympathy!  And again, TOTALLY jealous about the tourney…

    I’m glad you got to dance jigs as well.  :)

  4. You know, generally speaking, I really am not sure about the Belgian thing, but the Belgians in my family are…

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