You may not be able to tell from some of my ramblings ? but I like for things to make sense. I have several things to share and cannot make them into one coherent entry. The only thing that makes sense is to make a list (Yah! I LOVE lists!).

  • A few ?firsts? last week. One, my first business trip?which sounds very important and grown-up. When in actuality, it would bore the life out of 99% of you. I went on a market research trip to the Lexington, KY area. We were testing several in-store executions in the incredibly exciting bath tissue aisle! No really, Charmin is having a big year ? launching two new products this fall ? some of which may already be in your local store. I got to be part of a group of 10 people ? mostly from P&G in Cincinnati. It was really good to get out of Wal-Mart country and get a more unbiased look at the way people interact with the store and that particular aisle. It?s really hard to get a good read on that in NWA. Because of ?My First Business Trip? (which I have unwittingly made into a children?s book proposal?) I stayed in a hotel room by myself for the first time?and decided that I don?t like it.
  • Another first this week ? my first prop plane ride. I flew through Memphis to Lexington – and apparently there are very few people who desire to fly between Memphis and Lexington as we flew on a plane the size of my kitchen on the way there. I wasn?t that worried until we got up in the air. The noise and the vibrations ? awful. Same deal on the way home ? except that the kid (and I do mean kid) who was at the gate, seemed to be struggling. Another guy came by and they commenced arguing about the weight limit of the plane ? and did it have enough fuel ? etc. ? NOT an argument I?d like to witness before I board said plane. So they solicited volunteers to wait and take later flights ? because the plane was overweight. Great. We boarded the flight ? and there?s no one in the back row. There are 10 rows on the plane ? I?m in the 8th row ? the flight attendant comes back and explains to a man behind me in the 9th row that he can move to the back row as soon as we are in the air ? that his weight will negatively affect the plane and he should stay in the 9th row during take-off. Woah! One man?s weight moving one row is going to ?negatively affect? the plane?! I?ve never in my life felt the need to pay attention during the Emergency Exit shpeel.  At one point during the flight ? the 9th row man had moved to the center seat in the back row to stretch his legs and the ride was getting a little bumpy ? he moved back up to the 9th row as those of us in the back of the plane laughed at the nonsense of it all ? but the plane stabilized!
  • As I spent the night in my larger-than-necessary hotel room Thursday night, I watched a seemingly all-night marathon of America?s Funniest Home Videos. People say that humans harbor strong emotions and memories connected to sounds and aromas. I have never really believed in this. But as I flipped through channels Thursday night and stumbled upon ?We got laughs from coast to coast to make you smile, A real life look at each of you to capture all your style. You’re the red, white and blue, the funny things you do, America America this is you.? An overwhelming wave of nostalgia swept over me. I was launched back 15 years and found myself sitting on the floor of our living room, eating pizza off of a TV tray on a Sunday night watching Bob Saget host my family?s favorite TV show. It was the only night of the week we ate in front of the TV. We lived for that show. And last week, it was a marathon of the Bob Saget episodes ? the best host they?ve had. It?s like James Bond ? everyone has a favorite. That show makes me laugh out loud and I love that when I watch it ? I know which videos my family would like and I can hear them laughing.  ?Stories from your friends next door they never told, you might be a star tonight so let that camera roll, you’re the red, white and blue, all the funny things you do, America America, this is you??
  • I made my return to Jazzercise this weekend ? after not attending for 3 weeks. Which is not really news, except that I have new Jazz shoes ? I?ll have to take a picture for you ? they?re cute, as shoes go. So there?s this lady in my class who I am convinced is campaigning for some non-existent Miss Jazzercise title. It is out of control. 95% of the people in my class are normal, unassuming people who just want to get some exercise. Not her! She struts in dressed like Work-Out Barbie and dances to the Jazzercise in her head ? it?s all I can do not to get whacked by her high-stepping all over the place!
  • Jury duty tomorrow. Not such great timing ? work is ramping up and Susan will be out all next week for Spring Break. Would be really inconvenient ? but we?ll see.

5 thoughts on “Monday March 12, 2007

  1. wow, that is a list.  i had several things i wanted to comment on but can’t remember them all.  i would have absolutely had a panic attack on that flight.  i’m not kidding, they would have had to carry me off in a stretcher.  and i’m a little embarrassed to say that reading your america’s funniest home videos memories, i imagined it as a reader’s theater…probably about family and great american pasttimes or something cheesy like that.  i guess it was the song, can’t you see us all singing it?  oh brother.

  2. Ah, yes.  Those were good times.  I’m a huge fan of those shows too, just ask Erika.  I’ll literally drop whatever I’m doing to watch it if it comes on TV and die laughing the whole time.  Do they have any of those shows out on DVD?  When I’m old and gray in the retirement home I just want an endless supply of IBC rootbeer and every single episode of those shows to watch and I’ll be happy.

  3. What is it with you and jury duty??  You’re called more often than anyone I’ve ever heard of!

  4. AFV! I’m always game for laughing at other people doing stupid things…you’d think that i’d get enough of that already with laura!!

  5. Ahhhh…  The old Bob Saget routines!  I will never tire of them, and continue to laugh at the re-runs, and the re-re-runs, and the….you get it.   Sounds like you had a fabulous week.  Good for you!

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