5 thoughts on “Friday March 2, 2007

  1. Is Diet Pepsi even an option?  I know that would just be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing to even try, but there are worse things in life than going without Diet Coke.

  2. I gave up pop last year for Lent- so I totally understand.  I strongly suggest those Crystal Light things for 20 oz bottles.  Good stuff- and healthier for you.

  3. You need a loophole. Maybe coke zero? It’s totally not the same thing as diet coke!

  4. Diet A&W.  Nothing better.

  5. first of all that advertisement is extremely clever.  second of all, i’m feeling you on the diet coke headache.  i gave it up for lent…since it was the OBVIOUS choice.  i’ve replaced it with lipton diet green tea.  (which is incorrect since i believe the point is to replace it with jesus…)  but i recommend it.  i would be dead or homicidal without it.

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