So I go to Bank of America this morning to deposit a check in Jeff’s account. The check is made out to me.

Side Note: The check is an expense reimbursement from Saatchi for about $100 I put on the credit card 2 weeks ago when I had to drive to Bentonville FedEx at 8pm in the pouring rain to send art out for one of my jobs and missed book club. I didn’t blog about it – though it was a damn good rant – because it was too traumatic.

So, I go to the Bank of America on Dickson. I have a pre-printed deposit slip from Jeff’s account, the check endorsed by both of us, and my Drivers’ License – which clearly indicates that we have the same name and identical home addresses. However, the girl in the drive-thru comes over the speaker – after several minutes of what I can only assume was heated deliberation with the “manager” – to tell me that Bank of America has a strict policy against accepting 3rd party checks and that I am not able to deposit it.

Now. I appreciate rules. I have even, on occasion, been accused of do-gooding. But I do not respect rules that have no reasonable support. This rule, I dare say, is stupid. I am not a money launderer. I am depositing a check for $100. From a company (as opposed to an individual). In Northwest Arkansas. This is not a counterfeit $1,000,000 bill we’re dealing with…

I politely informed the drive-thru girl that the name on the account belongs to my husband, that we have the same name, have both endorsed the check, and I have provided ID. She gets huffy that I have pointed out the asininity of the “policy” and calls over the “manager” who appears to be no older than 17. He repeats what she has already told me – which is still not an explanation. They send back my check, deposit slip, and ID – and I am on my way.

You may think this is the end of the story.

Determined to outsmart this ridiculous “rule”, I drive to the next Bank of America location on my way to work. I pull into the drive-thru and politely ask the nice young man at the window for a deposit slip – as the last girl put a big mean red X through the last one. I fill it out, provide the exact same documentation and information as to the Dickson Street location. In less than 30 seconds, I have a piece of paper stating the transaction has been confirmed.

Was that so hard?

While looking in my files for some pictures I took in-store last fall, I came across some taken at home last November-ish and laughed so hard I thought you might like them, too. This is the day I killed the waffle-iron. I can hardly believe these didn’t make the blog before now.

Sarah Wknd 020

Sarah Wknd 021

Sarah Wknd 019

Link to Ads aired during the Academy Awards. MUCH better than Super Bowl Ads this year!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday February 27, 2007

  1. So, what did you have for breakfast?

  2. We have a NEW waffle iron now!!!  And….we’re looking for an “extra” one, to have on hand for when Sarah comes “home”.  (Just in case!)

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