I am somewhat disappointed in myself for my lack of interest in the upcoming elections ? and, for that matter, politics in general. Hearing of each new contender throwing his or her hat into the ring ? I find myself cynical and indifferent. Feeling this way seems insensitive.


Some background: I was once a devoted and active member of the Young Democrats and am currently a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party. I once dated a boy who was as fiscally and socially conservative as I am liberal and we had endless heated and passionate discussions on inexhaustible topics ? important and otherwise. There was once a time in which, when prompted, I would have listed ?politics? among my primary interests. This is no longer the case.


What has happened to me?  Surely I?m not old enough to be suspicious and pessimistic. Surely I?m not too old to still believe in the inherent good nature of people and society. I have always kinda prided myself on my ?the children are our future?-esque attitude. I don?t shred receipts before I throw them away and I leave my car running when I run into the post office and I don?t yell at telemarketers. I?m not completely frozen over, right?


I?ve decided my disillusionment with domestic politics is a matter of staleness. The first few elections for which I was alive and old enough to remember ? it was new and different and, to me, fascinating. But now, it seems that each one is eerily reminiscent of the previous and one party talks about ?fixing? the other party?s ?mistakes? and it just goes back and forth. This seems so silly to me.


To be clear, I am opinionated and passionate as ever and try my best to stay informed of goings-on in the world.  This entry is neither support of current policy nor an endorsement of change. I am as fascinated with social issues and human nature as a person can be, and I will likely be ?arguing my point? until I die. I suppose I just prefer to occupy my thoughts with ?What Really Matters? and not get wrapped up in ?The Process?.


And I?d also like to note ? without endorsing any candidate or party or issue ? that I am proud of our country and our society for achieving a level of progressiveness and tolerance in which it is possible to support candidates with such gender, racial, and religious diversity. Let?s call it the silver lining.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday February 13, 2007

  1. Boring!  Bring back the quizzes!

  2. I submit exhibit A in the case of “Arguing for the sake of argument”.

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