Thursday February 22, 2007

I am aware of modern technological conveniences like online billpay. 90% or better of my bills are automatically drafted from my account each month — no thinking or human interaction involved.

However, this particular bill does not offer online billpay of any kind. To me, specifically. Apparently, that is something you have to specify when you open the account and I failed to do so. So, 5 years ago – I didn’t feel like messing with online billpay, regrettably, and I have “paid” for it each month since then. Thank you, anyway, for your kind suggestions. I appreciated the sympathy for my customer disservice issue.

NWA residents: For those of you who missed “Moses vs. Abel – A Debate of Biblical Proportions” last night on UATV — I think it was a Campus Crossfire — you missed a real treat. I’m sure it will be on YouTube in no time. Here’s a link to the article in the Traveler yesterday. It was less of a “theological showdown” and more of an embarassing spectacle. It was aired live, with no delay, which I thought was brave — and if you watched, you know that it proved to be a bad idea as Abel almost lost his cool at one point. The goof of a mediator on the show mentioned repeatedly that the set was being monitored by police, and they were sure to get a shot of the poor sap who drew the short straw and had to babysit the event.  Jeff and I agreed that, of the two, we found ourselves siding with Moses. It was that bad.

2 thoughts on “Thursday February 22, 2007

  1. That would have been Tivo worthy, I am extremely sorry that I missed it. I am not as familiar with Abel as I am with Moses, but this battle of halfwits sounded like “Royal Rumble ’07.” If you see if it is going to be replayed, let us know.

  2. Funny–I actually had my students do a critique of that “debate” for extra credit, mostly because I couldn’t watch it (I have class on Wednesday nights).  So far, the critiques have been fantastic!  I applaud my students’ ability to detect crazy shenanigans when they see it.  Sorry your bank sucks & won’t give you online billpay.  That’s lame.

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